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8 best cryptocurrency to invest in

8 best cryptocurrency to invest in

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Like the world, are you also going crazy about cryptocurrency? You hear everyone talking about it and saying that it’s going to change the world and we all should learn about it.

 I bet you are intrigued as we are but you are trying to figure out from where to start? 

You want to learn and know about it, even invest in it but you have little or no idea regarding it. Well, no worries, because we have decided to give you a brief into the crypto-world and also tell you about the best investment opportunities in 2023, and which coins to invest in. 

What is cryptocurrency


In the simplest words, cryptocurrency is basically digital currency, with which you can do all the things you do with your physical money. It is used to buy and sell things online and make transactions. Sounds easy to understand right? 

Now let’s dive a little deeper into it. The word ‘crypto’ comes from ‘cryptography’ which means encryption to protect the data from third-party interference. 

One thing you need to understand is the difference between the ‘money’ as we know it, and cryptocurrency. Currency in general is centralized and regulated by the government. But on the other hand, cryptocurrency is decentralized. Government cannot control it. 

Government can print as much currency as they can but cryptocurrency like bitcoin is limited and has added value which makes it more valuable and harder to regulate. 

Why Do We Need Cryptocurrency?

8 best cryptocurrency to invest

The world is becoming more and more digital day by day. Long gone are the days when people used to believe in only hard and physical money. 

It is true that in the beginning, people didn’t believe in cryptocurrency as well because people don’t like change and it is even harder to accept it. However, cryptocurrency is totally based on digital technology. People didn’t think it was safe before but now they know its value and security it offers. 

Also, cryptocurrency charges low transaction cost. You can make international transactions anytime and any minute from anywhere in the world. You don’t have to rely on banks and their timings.

Blockchain technology cryptocurrency




Cryptocurrency is based on blockchain technology. For instance, in banks, you store your money and everything is kept on record but what if that record disappears? Or a mishap happens? Everything will take a lot of time to sort out. 

But in cryptocurrency, your ledger cannot be manipulated. Your records are safe on digital platforms because there are many digital verification steps which ensure the security and safety. 

Every transaction is being recorded, generating a digital ledger and then sharing that across the network, which suggests that on each step, the data is being stored and replicated. It makes it extra secure. 

Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2024


Crypto market is competitive but still relatively small which means that investors see a huge potential in investments in crypto market. 

But if you are new to this, then we will help you in suggesting some crypto coins you can invest in 2023. 

You might have come across this news that in June, the crypto market saw a huge drop which was almost about 33%, which means that the market fell from $1.3 trillion to $880 billion. Although this is a huge shocker and you might think of this uncertainty as completely negative, but that’s not true. According to investors, it is the best time to invest in the market as the prices for the cryptocurrency will be relatively low. 

There are more than four thousand crypto coins so which one to choose? Which one is worth investing? And which crypto coin has the highest potential in 2023? Let’s find out. 

1- Bitcoin:

it’s the first cryptocurrency and it has seen some huge highs and deep lows, but it is still the most popular cryptocurrency, and it is the investors’ first choice when it comes to investment in cryptocurrency. Currently, 1 bitcoin is equal to $16,000. That’s a huge price but it is the most trusted and popular crypto coin for investment. 

2- Ethereum:

Another crypto coin is Ether which is more stable, expensive, and energy efficient. It is not only a currency but also a blockchain network. Programme developers love ethereum for its applications, and it is also great for NFTs. Currently, it stands at $1100. 

3- Solana:

It is also known as SOL, is an emerging and relatively new cryptocurrency which has become one of the most popular coins. It has also seen a huge drop from $260 in November to merely $10. But looking on the brighter side, it is still a very popular currency so which means it’s a good time to invest. Also, SOL has its own blockchain system making the process and transaction smooth and decentralized. 

4- Tether:

Now we have seen that other cryptocurrencies are somewhat unstable. They are quite unpredictable. Tether is also of an unpredictable nature but still, it is considered a stable coin because it is backed by an actual physical currency such as UK pounds, US dollars and Euros. So if you are wary of investing in other coins because of volatility and instability, then Tether is a perfect investment for you. It is equivalent to $1. 

5: Binance coin:

Binance was launched in 2017 and it has established itself greatly not only as a cryptocurrency but also as a crypto exchange system. It is used for trading, transactions, payment processing, and even for traveling. Not 0nly that, you can easily exchange Binance coins for other cryptocurrencies as well. It’s somewhere around £246 at the moment. 

6: Cardano (ADA):

Like some other cryptocurrencies, Cardano is also backed by blockchain technology, and even though it has huge potential according to investors, it is till trading at $1. It is still fresh, and it is being said that it is going to blow up pretty soon. If it is not succeeding at the moment, is because of the research requirement for its applications and programs. 


It is very recent and new coin that was launched in March 2022. It is one of the coins that has raced against the competitive market and build its name. Also, many A-list celebrities are also interested in Apecoin and are investing in it, taking the hype to a new level. A lot of attention fuel was added to it because of APECOIN’s NFT programs BAYC and MAYC. Moreover, they have launched the metaverse. So we can safely assume that it has the highest potential to rise. 

8: TRON (TRX):

Another crypto that has the potential to hike is TRX which currently focuses on the entertainment industry and revolutionizing it. Tron aims to change and democratize the entertainment industry so that the content creators have full ownership and rights to distribute their own work without any third party interference. The content creators can create and distribute their own content, and the fans can support the content creators by paying tokens for the said content. Well known celebrities like Ney-Yo, Lindsay Lohan, and Lil Yatchy etc. are all supporting Tron. 


Now you know that cryptocurrency is a digital currency which deals with buying, selling and all sorts of transaction. However, it is still relatively new market due to which there are a lot of speculation and uncertain feelings. But it is a fact that there is huge potential in crypto market which can change the nature of everything in the future. 


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